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white allyship
Amid the tumult of the last few months, we’re forced to consider an important question: Where to next? In Part II of our three-part series ‘Evolution,’ we consider white allyship and what it means to Black lives.
Science Gallery Detroit
The Detroit Month of Design exhibition imagines the future of design.
La'Nar "Kern" Brantley
Shutdowns have forced local musicians and venues to pivot and adapt, but creatives will create.
Neisha Neshae
The R&B trap songstress discusses connecting during quarantining, an upcoming film and colorism.
Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
This veteran heads an agency that connects Michigan’s 600,000-plus veterans with crucial benefits and resources.
Civil rights history
As we look forward, let’s also peer back at some of the landmark legislation, grassroots movements and pivotal moments in the fight for equality.
Tylonn Sawyer
The visual artist is unafraid to upset the status quo.
Ascension Michigan
Ascension Michigan understands the importance of racial equity and representation in health care.
Angela Davis
With this next generation of kids, let’s make sure they learn more about those hidden figures.
Black Music Month
What else but music can as easily shake awake a party as it can those butterflies that fluttered for your first love? Then there are those songs that transcend the individual experience to reverberate within the whole of black culture.

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