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Available for iOS and Android, the founders say its “Shazam, but on steroids.”
Neisha Neshae
The R&B trap songstress discusses connecting during quarantining, an upcoming film and colorism.
Detroit Jazz Fest
The annual music festival is going digital this time around.
Motown Museum
The Motown Museum Lyric Project invites teens 13-18 to a two-week songwriting and music production workshop.
‘District Sessions’ showcases local musical talent.
Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir
The kids, led by director Angela Kee, paid homage to George Clinton and the city of Detroit with a viral music video that's still making waves.
Lay'na Michelle
The rising singer has waded through trauma toward happiness and triumph, bringing her fans along or the ride.
George Shirley
Shirley was the Metropolitan Opera’s first black tenor to perform in a leading role.
Jackie Wilson
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honors the late singer and Detroit native with its 2,672nd star.
Idlewild Music Festival
The weekend-long festival celebrates black music, culture and the historic Idlewild, Michigan.
DJ Rue
Erin Rue talks the love of music and finding her footing in a man's world.
Black Music Month
What else but music can as easily shake awake a party as it can those butterflies that fluttered for your first love? Then there are those songs that transcend the individual experience to reverberate within the whole of black culture.

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