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We’ve said goodbye to the longest year on record, but few of us have escaped unscathed. Mental illnesses have surged, and loneliness abounds. Still, as we look ahead to a new year, let us also resolve to work toward a strong mind and a new attitude.
childhood trauma
Parents are imperfect people, and if left unaddressed, the hurt caused in childhood can show itself in the way we move through the world as adults.
mental health
Now, like always, our community must discuss, monitor and care for our mental health.
Detroit Heals Detroit
This high school educator has dedicated her career to helping Detroit youths confront and heal trauma.
We have the spirit of survival in us; we will overcome.
Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students is hoping to combat youth suicide rates, the second-leading cause of death for kids ages 12 to 18.
Mindfulness meditation
Proponents of mindfulness meditation claim benefits like reduced stress, self-awareness and even improved physical health. As we shuck 2019 and cozy up to a new year, is it time to revisit an ancient tradition?
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in America, and black women's anxiety tends to more chronic and the symptoms more intense.
Team Wellness Center
TWC’s eastside location is now equipped to deal with psychiatric and addiction needs that are non-emergent but require immediate attention.

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