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Black fashion
Dopamine dressing in bright, citrus-y hues.
BLAC StyleMakers
Celebrating Detroit’s most fashionable.
resort wear
Perfect suitcase staples for everywhere easy, breezy and white sand beachy.
Vavvoune Mishe bag in pear green. Via Carrying a bag from a Black designer can feel like being a part of a secret society. Standing in line and hearing “Hey, G-Hive!” or walking into a party and hearing “OK, Haus Wife!” offer a moment...
For the cool kids who like statements that feel like they were made off the cuff. Oh this? I just threw it on.
The pair have collaborated on a collection of vintage-inspired skirts and dresses.
spring fashion
Shake off the winter blues in bold prints and luminescent hues.
spring fashion
Spring is here and as we shed our sweatpants and slippers, we look to embrace fashion, hope and a future with a little less distance and a lot more style.
The status quo has been done away with across industries, including fashion. Creatives and consumers are calling for a long-overdue makeover – and equity paired with inclusion is what’s on trend.
Revving up the girl power in sugary pastels and spicy fuchsias.
black fashion
Fight the winter blues with these spirit-buoying prints.
The Filthy Americans
The arts and culture center by Electrifyin’ Filthy Rockwell doubles as a retail and community space.

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