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fall fashion
Fall provides the perfect aura for channeling the soul of the ‘70s, what with splendid ambers, olives and clays on full display and at our fingertips.
Boys & Girls Clubs
Youths will have the opportunity to learn the business side of fashion with this new “industry club.”
Fahrenheit 313
Fred Paull II heads this sneaker exchange and retail shop.
The entities have teamed up to provide 5,000 protective masks to essential health care workers.
Nike’s second woman of color designer, Cheresse Thornhill, displays her work alongside local sneakerheads.
Owner Kristine Ferguson wants to create a neighborhood space for women to learn and hang out.
Pelle Pelle
The homegrown brand that solidified itself in Detroit and hip-hop culture may be no longer.
Smokey Robinson
The Detroit brand debuts a collection of Smokey Robinson-themed merch for the eighth installment of its Great American Series.
The Upperow
The husband-and-wife team behind the label wanted to create their own idea of style.
Snag a graphic tee, mug or makeup pouch emblazoned with words that recognize black power.
Toddlers to Gents
Mom Brittany Washington is looking to instill valuable lessons through style.
Clean Sneaker Care
Don Dudley and Darryl Blanding offer a convenient way to keep your favorite sneakers in tiptop shape.

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