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Lingo Coding Kit
Lingo Coding Kit lets kids complete projects and make gadgets with a STEM focus.
Zoom School
Much has been discussed about whether this setup allows our children to grasp all that they need academically, but what about their social and emotional learning? One Detroit family opens up about how they’re trying to stay afloat in a sea of strange.
Springboard Collaborative
This Louisville native heads the local arm of an organization that’s committed to improving literacy and bridging the gap between home and school.
Grosse Pointe Schools
Former and current Grosse Pointe students say the environment is ripe with racism.
Schools reopening
Had a conversation with school officials about COVID-19 reopening plans and heightened racial tensions, and how that might impact your child this fall?
Racheal Allen
This Marygrove alumna has returned to the campus to continue the institution’s legacy of educating the community and preserving history.
Ford Motor Company Fund
The 12th annual Blue Oval Scholarship awards happened virtually this year with 43 Detroit-area seniors taking away $1,000 each.
Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students is hoping to combat youth suicide rates, the second-leading cause of death for kids ages 12 to 18.
Madison Miles and Friends
Authored by Daralynn Walker, the series addresses self-identity, character and confidence.
student loan debt
For many college students, student loan debt is a hard reality that can linger for years. Here’s how to plan for, and manage, paying for higher education.
college tips
No matter if your student’s undecided or has her entire future mapped out, discover some all-around good classes to take as a freshman in college.
college tips
College counselors and admissions directors answer the BIG question every aspiring college student – and their parents – want to know.

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