August 2020


Does this mask go with these heels? In our August issue, with COVID still hanging around, we wonder whether Detroit bar culture will ever be the same. We also launch Part I of our three-part series “Evolution” by unpacking calls to defund the police. What does it all really mean? And amid heightened racial tension, Desiree Cooper considers packing prayers – and heat. We give new plant parents the dos and don’ts, look ahead to a virtual Jazz Fest, browse a student-led online gallery, plus much more!

Detroit bar culture

Detroit Bar Culture Amid COVID

For 20- and 30-somethings, especially, there’s nothing like a summer night that starts with cool drinks and ends in a hot bar, but things look a lot different now.
Defund the police

Evolution: Policing

Amid the tumult of the last few months, we’re forced to consider an important question: Where to next? The status quo is no longer safe. In Part I of our three-part series ‘Evolution,’ we consider policing – namely the calls to ‘defund the police.’
Schools reopening

Are the Kids Going Back to School or What?

Had a conversation with school officials about COVID-19 reopening plans and heightened racial tensions, and how that might impact your child this fall?
gun ownership

When Hope and Prayer Fail to Comfort, We May Need to Arm Ourselves with...

Amid increasing racial tension, maybe we should consider packing prayers – and heat.
Leaf Me

Online Plant Boutique Leaf Me Can Treat Your Blues with Some Greens

Owner Alexis Sims says caring for her own plants proved therapeutic during a tough time – and now she’s sharing her tips.
Darryl Terrell

Artist Darryl Terrell’s Work Explores Gender Identity and Gentrification

The 2019 Kresge Arts fellow uses photography as a form of self-expression.
Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

Zaneta Adams, Director, Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency

This veteran heads an agency that connects Michigan’s 600,000-plus veterans with crucial benefits and resources.
Detroit Jazz Fest

The Detroit Jazz Fest is Virtual This Year

The annual music festival is going digital this time around.

SEEN: Sunday Stroll on the RiverWalk

On Sunday, July 19, we caught up with folks bathing in some morning glory on the RiverWalk in Detroit.
Neisha Neshae

A Q&A with Neisha Neshae as she Debuts New Music

The R&B trap songstress discusses connecting during quarantining, an upcoming film and colorism.
Boys & Girls Clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs Prepares to Launch New Fashion Merchandising Program

Youths will have the opportunity to learn the business side of fashion with this new “industry club.”
Night of the Arts

University Prep’s Night of the Arts E-Gallery Showcases Student Art

The art and design school’s typical end-of-year exhibit has been transformed into an online gallery.
Whiff N Sniff

Vegan Candle Line Whiff N Sniff Burns Bright

Choose between 17 varieties of natural candles made from pure soy wax.

Ask the Expert: How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Caffeine, diet and stimuli like TV can disrupt sleep, leading to stress and health concerns.