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In our January issue, we sit down for a Q&A with Michigan's first Black lieutenant governor Garlin Gilchrist. And we call on data and local therapists to stress the importance of addressing our mental health in an authentic way.
BLAC December 2020
To cap the year of the bizarre, we thought we’d recall the spirit of seasons past. By now, we’d be in full fashion swing with holiday parties, fundraising galas and charming stage shows to attend. There will be none of that, but we thought why not play dress up anyway with 13 pages of lavish looks?
Find a photo-heavy holiday entertaining spread complete with dolled-up local couples and bottles of bubbly. Plus, we’re talking COVID safety.
BLAC cover October 2020
COVID makes this election especially tricky, but within 13 pages of election coverage we look at mail-in voting and efforts to mitigate confusion and disruption to ensure a safe and accessible election.
As we look ahead to a new season (actually and metaphorically), let’s also peer back in time. Flip through our noticeably more robust issue and discover 12 pages of fall looks that evoke the funk and foxiness of the 1970s (Page 32). Was there a decade that better combined sophistication and cool?
In our August issue, with COVID still hanging around, we wonder whether Detroit bar culture will ever be the same. We also launch Part I of our three-part series "Evolution" by unpacking calls to defund the police.
As we consider where to next, let us also peer back in time and recall the landmark legislation, grassroots movements and pivotal moments in modern civil rights history. Also in our July issue, we sit down for a Q&A with BLAC's new publisher Billy Strawter Jr.
Like all of you, we’re trying to make sense of George Floyd’s killing and wade as gracefully as is possible through the aftermath. We asked writers, activists and elected officials to pen op-eds from their unique perches. And we take a look at how technology has kept us connected during quarantine, plus much more.
BLAC May 2020
BLAC is back and all digital again in May! Amid the constant doom and gloom, local COVID-19 survivors share their stories. And we answer the – rhetorical? – question about why this virus has been so ruthless to the Black community. Spoiler alert: because racism.
Cannabis kids rejoice as legal recreational marijuana sales continue in Michigan, but questions still loom like: What happens to the Black bodies still locked up on weed charges – and to the ones whose prior conviction may bar them access to this new industry?
As we dust ourselves of awards season, we wonder: When the #BlackSoExcellent why the #OscarsStillSoWhite? Also in March, we check in on the city's 2020 census preparation and meet the people and orgs working to settle nerves and bust myths.
Feb 2020 BLAC Detroit
With great pride, we present The Skin Issue, a celebration of black skin and bodies. Throughout the February issue, discover an array of skin-related content. We've got your winter skin care tips courtesy of Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell and an in-depth look at colorism in black America and beyond, plus much more.

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