Arianna Smith

Metaphysical Shop Motown Witch Settles in on Detroit’s West Side

High Priestess Yvette Louise Wyatt says she focuses on the spiritual practices of the African diaspora.

On-Demand Transportation System SMART Flex Launches in Three Metro Detroit Zones

The collaboration between SMART and Via is meant to increase the walkability to standing public transit routes.

Our Fave Black-Owned Wine Brands

We heard through the grapevine that you should grab a bottle of one or more of these Black-owned wines.

‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Prepares to Return to TLC for a Second Season

Deon and Karen Derrico are parents to 14 biological kids, and Season 2 of their reality show, ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos,’ is returning to TLC in June.

Pop Art: New Black Books, TV and Movies

Recently released and ready to download and stream.

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